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Michael Klein, is the founder of Klein-Edwards Professional Services He was raised on the east coast and moved to San Diego in early 1974 while serving in the Navy. As a child he fell in love with butterflies and spent many days collecting and mounting them. Even in his time in the Navy he took time to watch butterflies on his tour of duties. It was not until his meeting Claude Edwards that his childhood hobby became a vocation. In the past 19+ years he has led walks and shared his passion of not only butterflies but other insects also.

He has been involved with consulting, education and interpretation for over 17 years. His strengths are insects with an emphasis in butterflies and pollinators. Michael's emphasis is on invertebrate ecology both native and introduced. Because of his public involvement with interpretation, he is knowledgeable about amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. He has a 10(a) permit with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service for the coastal California gnatcatcher (Polioptila californica californica), Quino checkerspot butterfly (Euphydryas editha quino) and Laguna Mountains skipper (Pyrgus ruralis lagunae), and Southwestern Willow Flycatcher (Empidonax trallii trallii). He is considered one of the top biologists in performing Habitat Assessments for the Quino checkerspot butterfly as well as one of the best Quino biologists within the Region. His expertise has allowed him opportunities to teach wildlife biologists in the field on the life cycle and ecology of the Quino. He has a special amendment to his 10(a) permit which authorizes him to survey for immature stages of both the Quino and Laguna Mountains skipper. This amendment is on a case by case basis where the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service would direct work to be conducted.

He is also one of the foremost expects on the Hermes Copper butterfly, endemic to San Diego County.  He has studied this butterfly annually since 1997.  Recently he has been focusing on habitat conditions for the butterfly's entire life cycle and looking at potential pollinators of the butterfly's only laval host plant, spiny redberry (Rhamnus crocea).

Besides permit work, Michael has done habitat assessments, impacts analysis, constraints analysis, vegetation mapping, and oak valuations. He has also been awarded a Section 6 grant to begin studies on two sensitive plants within the San Diego Region. Both of these plants are covered species within the Regional Multiple Species Conservation Plan (MSCP). In 2006 he was contracted to begin protocol work on eight endemic butterflies within the Spring Mountain Complex just northwest of Las Vegas. Companies worked for have been, Conservation Biology Institute, Natural Resource Consultants, Pacific Southwest Biological Services, Thomas Leslie Corporation, Tierra Madre Environmental, HDR, Essex Environmental, TAIC, Geomorphis, AECOM, Chambers Group Lincer and Associates, Gulf South Research Corporation, Back Country Land Trust, Endangered Habitats Conservancy, Endangered Habitats League, Bureau of Land Management, Border Patrol, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

He was hired by the San Diego County Water Authority to be an independent scientific reviewer for the Authority’s NCCP with an emphasis on the insects requested to be covered as well as the requested plants species’ associated pollinators. He has been hired by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to perform post-fire monitoring of occupied Quino checkerspot butterfly areas with in the San Vicente Reservoir and Otay Mountain complex. He also wrote an Independent  Scientific Advisory Report For The Conservation Strategy For The Hermes Copper For The City Of Santee.

Michael is one of the top regional experts for the Thorne’s Hairstreak Butterfly (Callophrys [gryneus] thornei), Wandering Skipper, and Harbison Dun Skipper. He has written articles for professional magazines about both butterflies and is regularly sought after by local jurisdictions about how to treat them related to projects which may impact them.

He was president of Nature Festivals of San Diego County, a non-profit organization promoting nature-based and ecotourism in the San Diego Region. From this organization he is co-founder of the San Diego Bird Festival.

He is a docent instructor for the Back Country Land Trust, and Blue Sky Ecological Preserve and San Elijo Lagoon. He teaches classes and leads walks for Blue Sky Ecological Preserve, County Parks, City Parks, Chula Vista Nature Center and the San Diego Natural History Museum. He teaches  with David Faulkner Sensitive Butterflies Of San Diego County Workshop teaching regional biologists, resource managers and jurisdictional biologists.

Professional Associations:
Lepidopterists’ Society
Xerces Society
Entomology Department Associate at the San Diego Natural History Museum
Hunting Optics from Eagle Optics
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