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Some of the programs we do to give back to the Community are docent training and 'Insects at Night'. On Saturday June 6th at the Blue Sky Ecological Preserve in Poway, I will be giving the Insects at Night Program. Contact the Blue Sky website for a phone number and sigh up for the program. This is where we set up one or two white sheets and attach an ultraviolet light (black light) to reflect off the sheet and attract night time insects. This is a wonderful family event to introduce your children to some of the activity of night time insects. We have done this Program at Blue Sky for 14 years. In the past we have done them at Wright's Field in Alpine and Rose Canyon. To date we have not been contacted for these location or future locations. If you are interested in this program, contact us.

We have also done docent training Blue Sky Preserve, Wright's Field, Torrey Pines State Park and San Elijo Lagoon. We have done programs throughout San Diego County for the general public from Penasquitos Preserve, Blue Sky, Wright's Field, Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation, County Parks and US Fish and Wildlife Refuge in South Bay.  We do have a planned Pollination Program scheduled for Fall 2015 in Riverside County with the Redland Sustainability Network in Redlands. The program was moved to the fall from May due scheduling conflicts with the Organization. Either check with them, contact Linda Richards ( or this website for the date.
Klein-Edwards Professional Services
Our primary goal and purpose is to provide specialized training and education to Field Biologists, their companies, land managers and the general public.

The focus of the specialized training and education is insects and other invertebrates. This specialized training and education will take many forms from  field training, classroom instruction, programs, videos, booklets, eBooks, papers, articles,  webinars and more. This  training and education can be through companies that want  training or their personnel, taking paid participants in the field to observe the species or get a visual idea of the habitats in which they occur, purchased or free product, and online.
If required we will develop protocols for species that do not have protocols in place due state and federal protection. We also will not conduct field training to specifically search for state and federally protected species until we have cleared it through the regional agency, we have specific state and federal permits ourselves and field personnel have passed any require state or federal testing required. We will conduct field training for habitat types in which those species occur to assist personnel.
We will conduct species specific field surveys as requested for clients. If the client is a consulting firm we will conduct these surveys with the proviso that they must have at least one or two of their staff that will work with us in the field and learn the survey techniques for that species. This would be a benefit to you, your client and staff. If needed KEPS can act as an upper level advisor for a project for a specific species or specieses.
We can be general invertebrate mentor or species specific  mentoring. Cost will depend on which as well as it would be a one or two year program.
Last but not least one or our most successful programs is a paid program on Sensitive Butterflies of San Diego County. We have not done it since 2012 and currently looking at making it available online as a videos. We do have the 2012 book available for sale on this website but will begin working to place videos on this site. Each of butterflies taught in the book would have its own 1-3 videos so that a person can watch them, learn lots and use it for training in the field. The first one will be on the Quino Checkerspot Butterfly so look for it very soon. Along with this KEPS does provide one-on-one training for the FWS Quino Test. The training is at least 2 hours where Michael will cover the Services list of butterflies that MAY be on the test to help people recognize them as well as detail training on differentiating Quino from similar Checkerspots.
Regionally we are experts on Quino Checkerspot Butterfly, Laguna Mountains Skipper, Hermes Copper, Thorne's Hairstreak, Wandering Skipper, Harbison's Dun Skipper and Insect Pollinators.
We have set up a Membership Area which will provide specialized training through eBooks, videos and courses to help you learn more about the insect and terrestrial invertebrate world. Currently the area is free to access but videos, eBooks and courses will be paid for before you have access to them. As we add more to the library you will receive an email as a member of new training. You can read about each and chose which ones you wish to purchase. Click the Membership Tab above sign up and login to the area. You will be pleasantly surprised with many of the products we will offer.