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This workshop has been very successful to biologists in southern California since 2000. Participants have come from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, County Department of Planning and Land Use, San Diego City Development Department, Chula Vista City Planning Department, San Diego Gas & Electric, U.S. Military, County Water Authority and California Department of Transportation and regional Environmental Consulting Firms.
Klein-Edwards Professional Services
Sensitive Butterflies Of San Diego County Workshop
Currently there are no plans for the Workshop in 2015. Please check back regularly for schedules. However plans are in place to begin developing videos as well as updated booklets for each species mentioned in the Workshop book. We anticipate to get the videos out for the Quino Checkerspot Butterfly sometime in 2015.
We have found that the book and Workshop has helped many land managers to be more alert of environmental changes to their lands that may affect the butterflies we talk about. It has also been extremely useful for the Consulting industry to put out more accurate reports if any of these butterflies may be impacted or benefitted from a project.
2012 Sensitive Butterflies of San Diego County Workshop Booklet (copyright PDF version) - $15.00.
This Workshop is technical and provides lots information in about 7 hours. The book talks about 9 sensitive species but the live presentations will usually only cover 4 or 5 of those species.

I have looked at participants at the end of the day and it is clear they are in 'information overload'. So it is always good to take notes in the book provided and read and re-read it.
In the meantime the 2012 Workshop book is available for download and you can purchase it below.
Please check back regularly to this area when they would be available.